One time Donation Rank

Donate once to get the following items in chat:

Donator (£1) [Donator] Tag in chat

Monthly Donation Ranks (every 30 days!)

Donate Monthly to get the following:

VIP (£2-£4)

Orange VIP Tag in chat + /sil command

VIP+ (£5-£7)

Gold VIP+ Tag in chat + /sil + your own room on our discord channel

MVP (£8-£10)

Cyan MVP Tag in chat + /sil + Your own room on our discord  + bypass server queue



Please Note: Donations are never required BUT always appreciated. The  tags  in chat are  simply to let other people know you are are supporting the server monthly and you want the community to stay alive. Donations are not exchanges of value in expectation for service of any kind! The reason we are only offering access to /sil for monthly supporters  is that the plugin uses a lot of ram and when everyone  uses it at once more lag is created on the server.  It’s completely up to you if you want to donate or not.

Server Wiped, new month new world, join us today!

Server Wiped, new month new world, join us today! – 6th July 2018 [maxbutton id=”2″