What is RUSTPVEUK all about?  


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What kind of server is this?

Rust PVE UK is a PVE (Player vs Environment) server. That means that players are not allowed to attack, raid or loot other players during normal play (see below for details on PVP Day).

The server is modded, and so not pure Vanilla, to allow for some additional benefits to be introduced for players.

How do I join the Rust PVE UK server?

To connect directly click HERE or press F1 in-game and type connect

What is the server wipe and when does it happen?

The server wipe is an opportunity for players to start afresh by starting on a new map.

All items from your inventory will be cleared and your Z Levels will be reset.

The server wipe happens on the first Thursday of every month.

Does the server ever restart?

Yes. The server is restarted every day at 08:00 GMT.

How big is the map?

We use a 4500 size map.

What Plugins does the server use?

  • Rust:IO
    Provides a live map of the server
  • Help Text
  • LootProtection
    Prevents Looting of sleeping players
  • N Teleportation
    See Teleporting in the Getting Started guide for more details
  • Supply Signal Alerts
    Announces when a Supply Signal flare has been launched.
  • Voter
    Counts and rewards when players Vote for the server
  • AutoDoors
    Allows players to set whether doors will automatically close after them.
  • BetterChat
  • DeathNotes
  • InfoPanel
    Displays additional details about the map including current co-ordinates, number of players and presence of helicopter.
  • Starter Kit
    See Getting Started guide for more details
  • LustyMap
    Provides a live minimap of the server ingame
  • NightLantern
    Automatically switches lanterns and ceiling lights on at night.
  • Notifier
  • Remove Tool
    See Building and Destroying below for more details
  • Sign Artist
  • Stack Size Controller
    Admin tool that allows item stacks to be changed from vanilla Rust.
  • EventManager
  • ZoneManager
  • Choppersurvival
  • Guess the  Number – Guess a number between 0-99 and if you’re correct you get 5 xp!
  • Kill Feed
  • Starter Kit
  • Quests – Gain items, resources & RP for completing quests
  • RGive – Random Item given to players every 2 hours
  • ServerRewards – GUI shop where users can purchase items with their RP.
  • TruePVE
  • Where’s my corpse
  • XP Booster
  • ZLevels
  • Bank – Allows you to have extra inventory space

What is PVP Day?
The day before the server wipe, the last day of the current map, several restrictions on PVP are lifted to allow players to enjoy a ‘goodbye’ to the map. For details on changes to rules on the PVP Day, see the Rules page.

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Server Wiped, new month new world, join us today!

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