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What is the Starter Kit and how do I get one?

The starter kit provides very basic tools to begin playing. To receive a starter kit, press T and type /kit starter.

How do I mine resources?

Rock Nodes are located throughout the map and spawn in regularly. These rocks appear more round and unnaturally shaded when compared to other non-mineable rock features on the map.

When hit they will provide materials that may include stone, metal ore, sulphur ore and high quality metal ore. They will also provide XP as you mine and a larger XP bonus for destroying the final piece of the node.

Building and Destroying

What is a ‘bear tower’ and why do I have to remove them after I’ve used them?

Bear Towers are simple structures that players often use early on to avoid bears and wolves. They typically consist of a foundation and staircase to get above a bear’s reach.

We ask that you remove Bear Towers after use because every foundation in the game contributes to server memory use, numerous Bear Towers being left across the map can add to lag spoiling the experience for everyone.

To start building you need to get a building plan and a hammer. Building plan is used to build foundations/walls while hammer is for upgrading and demolishing. Always put a ToolCupboard in your house and a lock on your door.

Don’t forget to lock your chests too as that makes them undestructable thanks to TruePVE.

Put window bars on your windows to prevent players from simply jumping in.

Don’t place unlocked chests next to a window as they can be looted  from outside.

How do I remove things I have built?

With an empty hand, press T to enter the Chat panel and type /Remove to begin using the Remove Tool. You can then remove items by using the Left Mouse Button.

There is a cost associated with removing structures and items, this will be displayed when you view the structure or item to be removed as well as showing what will be returned as a result.

How do I remove things others have built?

You don’t, and indeed you can’t. The Remove Tool only allows allows you to remove things that you have placed.

If someone has built within your base, has built ‘bear towers’ or has been Griefing, then please report this to an Admin to resolve.

What is a Pump Jack?

Pump Jacks are used to obtain Crude Oil. The Pump Jack produces a 1:1 Low Grade Fuel – Crude Oil ratio, which you then can refine in an Oil Refinery to get fuel.  1 Crude Oil – 3 Low Grade Fuel (1:3 ratio). The Pump Jacks are located at radioactive town locations: Trainyard, Water Treatment Plant, Powerplant (Those three are spawned with the map). We also have added two extra Pump Jacks at locations: Airfield and Derek Oil NPC. (Derek  you can see on the F2 map). Players must use them while actively playing on the server rather than putting fuel in and logging off or going AFK. This gives other online players a chance to use them.

XP and Research

At what level can I research [X]?

To find out at what level you can research an item, press Q to enter the Crafting Screen, on the left hand side towards the bottom is a Search bar. By typing in what you are looking to build, it will display the item and the level requirement.

What are the Mining, Woodcutting, Skinning and Crafting levels?

The server uses a plugin called ZLevels which allows you to level up certain skills through practice. For example, the more you chop down trees then the more your Woodcutting skill increases.

Increasing skill levels provides benefits such as extra resource harvesting.

In-Game Events

How often do airdrops come?

Every 40 minutes, plus random drops.

How often do patrol helicopters come and what should I do?

Patrol helicopters turn up about every two hours.

If you do not want to fight the helicopter the easiest method is to remove all clothing and not to have weapons on the hotbar.

If you do want to fight the helicopter, please avoid doing so in areas that will harm players or property.


How do I teleport on the map?

There are three types of teleport available: Home, Town and Request (To Other Players).

To teleport to Home , press T and type /home [name of home]. For how to set a location as a home, see below.

To teleport to Town, press T and type /town.

To teleport to another player, press T and type /tpr [player name]. The other player will then have the choice of whether or not to accept your request.

How many teleports do I have a day and how can I check how many I have left?

You can see all the limits by using the /tpinfo command and /tpinfo [teleport type] command. Each teleport type has its own set limit of use, for example teleporting to Town will not use a Home teleport allowance.

How do others teleport to me?

When somebody wants to teleport to you, a message will display in chat to let you know. You will need to accept this request to allow them to teleport.

To accept a teleportation request, press T and type /tpa.

You must be outside of a building blocked area to accept teleportation requests.

How do I set a home location?

To add a home location, press T and type /home add [name of home]. Home locations can only be set on a foundation that you have placed.

To see a list of all the home locations you have saved, press T and type /home list.

To see how many teleports to Home and number of home locations remaining, press T and type /tpinfo home.

Why was my teleportation blocked?

Teleportation can be blocked if you are suffering from a negative effect. This includes bleeding, radiation, drowning, coldness and overheating. Once these status effects have lifted or you have left their area of effect, you should be able to teleport.

Plugin Specific


AutoDoors allows you to set whether doors will automatically close after you and after how long.

To set a time delay on doors closing, press T and type /ad [number of seconds delay]

To stop doors automatically closing after you, press T and type /ad.

Sign Artist

The Sign Artist plugin allows VIP players to upload custom images to signs. This plugin is restricted to VIPs only as it use a considerable amount of server memory to run.

To upload an image as a VIP to Sign Artist, face the sign that you wish to cover so that Paint Sign is displayed and then use the command /sil [url of image].


The LustyMap plugin displays a minimap in the corner of the screen showing your present location as well as monument and helicopter locations.

To open a larger version of the minimap, press F2.

To close or reopen the minimap, press T to allow mouse use and then click on the three arrows (<<<) in the top left corner.


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