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My Base location  


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07/02/2017 3:18 am  

Dear Unicorns,

I dare you to try raid my unicorn base. There is loads of unicorn in the unicorn room.
I am Next to the factory at the north of the map

2017 02 07 03 08 448365415 Forum

S4 on http://playrust.io/map/?

Not sure it is dooable by one unicorn, you may need a second unicorn to help you up.

There are no cunning tricks, double-height hatches, or long walks through hundreds of doors.
There is loads of loot - I've actually moved all of my stuff out of stashes and into this base... except for 30 rockets rgive randomly gave me... which are stashed forever as I don't remember their location.


So, anyone dare to visit my tower? or to share the location of their own base?


Bring it on, Unicorns.

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