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Suggestions for low population  


kamikazekenny 30 Forum
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01/02/2017 12:53 pm  

Further to the post about post 2nd Feb wipe, and the fact that none of us have a clear idea of how we can make the server as much fun as possible with a low population, I thought I would start this post for people to put up ideas. To start off here are a couple of mine:

  • Height limit to buildings so boosting is not required when raiding.
  • Removing tool-cupboards (if this is possible either at the server end or with a mod?) so that buildings can be any height but raiding is possible as a solo player.

Both ideas create opportunities for us all if we solo, as well as aiding new players who join the server. I have already been having ideas of how it could still be possible to make a base secure in these circumstances and I think it is reasonably possible.

Also, if we customize a different rule-set it will help differentiate the server from others, potentially attracting new players.

chozabu 17 Forum
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01/02/2017 6:36 pm  

Posted a link to an oxide mod which can restrict building height here:  http://unicorngaming.org/forums/rustpvpuk-general-chat/more-fun-post-2nd-feb-wipe/#post-45


What I'd really like to see (but perhaps more for PVE server...) is more PVE! I don't think rust currently has the tools to do this, so am checking out ARK...

avatar futuristic 150x150 Forum
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01/02/2017 7:16 pm  

yea its annoying how rust doesnt have much pve elements.


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