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Here are the rules for playing on the server, go against these rules and you’ll most likely get kicked or banned. If you have any questions ask, don’t just assume.


General Rules and Server Etiquette


1 – Cheating is strictly prohibited

Play fair and do not abuse bugs/exploits. Do not break any of the server rules OR attempt to use any loopholes to avoid rules.

2 – Respect all players and admins

If someone asks you to stop doing something, even if you are just doing something that you consider joking or funny, please stop immediately. It is better for the community if players are able to resolve issues between themselves reasonably than have to call in an Admin to deal with it.

If an Admin tells you to stop doing something, stop. If an Admin tells you to do something, like return an item, do it.

3 – Behave in Chat. 

As tempting as it may be, please do not try and get around the swear filter by adding extra letters, using misspelling or trying to find words the filter missed. Embrace the Unicorn! ?

Avoid spam in chat. This includes but is not limited to repetitive messages, dominating chat, repeated requests for teleports or materials.

4 – Behave in Voice.

If we didn’t want it said in chat, we really do not want it said through voice.

5 – Don’t put explicit/offensive language or images on signs.

This includes images linked to ISIS, Nazi, genitalia.

6 – Play fair and don’t abuse bugs/exploits/glitches.

This includes using the Tool Cupboard ‘trick’ to fight the Helicopter.

If someone else builds a heli tower or base for you so you can attack the heli, this will stop the heli from firing rockets when you are fighting it and is classed as cheating.

7 – Don’t place PVP deployables until PVP day.

Do not place mines/traps outside your own base until PVP day.

Turrets can be placed in your base, and only in your base, during PVE but keep them on peacekeeper mode.

Even though they can not harm other players during PVE, they can be an annoyance. Any items that despawn when such as land mines will be lost without damaging players. Turrets that have been deployed may still fire but will just waste bullets.

8 – Don’t shoot to annoy people or harass players in any other way

Although this is a PVE server and player damage is turned off until PVP day, do not annoy other players by shooting at or around them.  

9 – Don’t Steal/Grief/loot

If not invited, stay out of other people’s property even if it is left unlocked. Do not take from another player’s corpse, chest, box, furnace, refinery or other storage. Ever.

If you didn’t kill an animal, don’t loot it.

If a pumpjack is running and you are not the person who started it, leave it alone. If a pumpjack is not running, but it has oil in the output barrel then try and find the owner – it is never just free oil. Never take from a running or stopped pumpjack if you were not the person who ran it.

If a mining quarry is running and you are not the person who started it, leave it alone. If a mining quarry is not running, but it has items in the output barrel then try and find the owner – it is never just free materials. Never take from the input barrel of a running or stopped mining quarry.

If a mining quarry is not declared as a Public or Town quarry, do not use it. It belongs to another player.

If an air drop is called by a player using a supply signal, that air drop is reserved for their use – do not attempt to open it before them. If a player has reached an air drop location before you, do not ‘jump the queue’ to open it first, be civil and they might even share.

If a helicopter is brought down and you weren’t involved, do not attempt to loot it. It is better to avoid the wreckage altogether to avoid confusion.

Do not authorise yourself on a Tool Cupboard that you have not been invited to use, even if it is in the open.

The helicopter can and will kill players and damage property. If you are responsible for damaging other players property or killing players through provoking the helicopter, you will be dealt with accordingly.
10 – Don’t loot any open/decayed houses & don’t raid anyone. If you don’t own it, don’t touch it. Don’t open boxes unless it is clearly marked as ‘Free Stuff’
11 – Don’t loot a Supply Signal called airdrop that you did not call
12 – Don’t loot a helicopter that you weren’t involved in bringing down
13 – Don’t loot mining quarries, furnaces or pump jacks, even if left out in the open.

14 – Please abide by all town and plaza rules.

Player towns provide a lot of helpful services for players. Please abide by all town and plaza rules. These will be publicly displayed in the plaza each wipe and may be specific to the map.

There are frequently public quarries, marked ‘free goodies’ chests to provide equipment and furnaces. These are donated by players to help get by. Please respect this by only taking from chests what you need so that others can also benefit.
15 – Do not loot dump from free chests in plaza. 

Do not ‘loot dump’ from free chests in plaza. This includes taking things to make room for your own donations and then discarding those items.

16 – Do not log out or go AFK while using the pumpjack. Max 2k LGF per use.

To ensure that all players have fair access to the pump jacks on the server, please only use them whilst logged in. Do not start a pump jack running and leave mid-operation. If you need to log out, you must remove any remaining Low Grade Fuel and Crude Oil.

17 – Tidy up bear foundations after you have used them

Use the /remove command to destroy ‘bear tower’ foundations and overnight rest stops, as well as any camp fires placed in the wilderness.

Be aware that building foundations, lanterns and ceiling lights all contribute towards server lag and by removing unused foundations and not over using lighting the game will run much smoother for everyone.

Do not fill crates/ammo boxes/food packages with items from your inventory. If you need to make room in your inventory, discard items to the ground to despawn. Filling loot containers prevents them from respawning.

18 – Do not build near the entrances to caves or in a way that will block access to them

19 – Do not build in such a way as to restrict access to monuments. Including large structures which block roads.

It is considered Griefing of the server as a whole to block monuments from public access. This also includes placing Tool Cupboards or Walls on large areas of unused land to prevent access or development.

20 – Help keep entity count down. Don’t spam lights or chests. Use External Walls not foundation-wall combos. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

21 – Generally, don’t troll or be an idiot.






PVP Day Rules

On the day before the regular server wipe, PVP restrictions for players are lifted. All the above rules continue to apply on PVP, however certain rules are amended as follows:

You may place mines and traps freely.

Turrets can be placed freely and set to fire upon players.

You can shoot other players, however, repeated targeting or Kill On Sight (KoS) may be considered griefing if persistent.

You can raid player houses/bases, however, please do not Grief.

You may access and authorise yourself onto another player’s Tool Cupboard to assist in raiding only, and not for the purposes of Griefing.  

You may Steal and Loot

About Our Admins

Admins are volunteer players on the server who are giving up their time to help the community grow and to oversee that the rules of the server are followed so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

If an Admin instructs you to do something or not to do something, follow this instruction immediately.

If an Admin tells you to listen to them so that they can explain a rule or resolve a dispute, stop talking/chatting and allow them to speak in full.

Please respect the Admins as they perform a vital and often generally unappreciated role in keeping the server running smoothly.


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