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Moony – Sleep / Meditation / Relaxation

Can’t sleep well? Do you suffer from insomnia? Want to know how to fall asleep quickly?

🌙Moony helps relieve stress, improve sleep and start self-discovery.

If you are having trouble sleeping and have tried other sleep aids, such as listening to sleep sounds, white noise apps, or other sleep apps, to no avail, sleep meditation can help!

🌝Meditation before bed: what is it and why is it needed?

Meditation before bedtime is an effective practice that does not require special preparation and perfectly helps to relax, calm the mind and put it in order, tune in to a sound and restful sleep, free the mind from anxiety and negative thoughts. Moony app will help you improve sleep and relieve stress!

🌙Include carefully selected guided audio meditations and you will sleep like a baby. Enjoy high quality sleep sounds and wake up refreshed with Moony!

🌑Moony has a breathing exercise that will reduce stress, calm the body and focus the mind, and increase energy.

Best Bedtime Meditation

Taking into account the fact that only through meditation a person makes discoveries, comes to an understanding of the truth, you need to consciously practice it.

The best meditation before bed is the practice of mindfulness, controlled breathing, or yoga nidra; it will be discussed in the next section.

Meditation before bed will be of great benefit to the mind and body, it will help:

– calm down,
– to relax the body,
– get ready for bed,
– to clear thoughts,
– be aware of your current state,
– to feel the connection with the higher “I”.

Sleep Meditation: Calm And The Best Meditations For The Night

Conscious meditation and the transition to the state of emptiness of the mind, its original emptiness, is the state that is achieved through long-term practice. You cannot get great results from listening to meditation music. You can listen to it, but this is only a process of preparation for a more serious stage of practice. Music will help calm the nerves, slow down the internal rhythms.

One of the best practices of meditation before going to bed will be the practice of yoga nidra – it is called “yoga for sleep”, because it is even recommended to do it for the coming sleep, and this will contribute to a more fulfilling sleep and a conscious process of falling asleep, preventing “falling through” into a dream. Practitioners of this type of meditation before bedtime agree in their feedback that, from a purely practical point of view, their sleep has become deeper, they wake up awake, and the time spent on the dream itself is significantly reduced. It turns out that the quality of sleep only benefits. This saves sleep time.

Bedtime meditation allows you to:

– make sleep really healthy and sound;
– improve performance;
– get rid of depression;
– improve mood;
– find inner harmony;
– get rid of insomnia and nightmares;
– to strengthen the character and willpower;
– improve memory and concentration;
– to develop an objective view of yourself and the world as a whole;
– increase the general tone of the body;
– strengthen the immune system;
– to restore breathing;
– to relax the muscles.

The main goals of pre-sleep meditation are to stop the continuous flow of obsessive thoughts that negatively affect you and free your mind of information waste that you have littered your brain with during the day.

Sleep Mindfulness Meditation

To fall into deep sleep and completely relax, take a comfortable position and disconnect from all external sounds. Close your eyes and imagine the place where you would like to be the most. The place should be calm, quiet, light, peaceful. Turn on Moony audio recordings. This will create a relaxing atmosphere.


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