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🔮Offline TD: Tower Defense Castle Battle Strategy is one of the great tower defense games that challenges experienced players like you!

🔥However, the Tower Defense Castle Battle Strategy is more powerful than ever before!

Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, hit hard and never give up. It’s time to equip the BOW for combat! Can you defend your castle from intruders using archery?

Tower Defense Castle Battle Strategy: myth TD is the most anticipated and visually stunning Tower Defense game in the theme of myth TD. See why we have been called out as one of the best tower defense games and why we are one of the fastest growing tower games. Enjoy an exciting myth inspired td game with lots of thrilling moments. Smart strategy is needed if you want to dominate and protect the towers.

Like in any of the best tower defence games in Offline TD: myth Tower Defense players must use Tactical and Strategic defense in each level to win. Each level is different so anticipate it fast and smartly use the tools and weapons to win it and stop the enemy from destroying your towers.

Tower Defense Castle Battle Strategy Features:

Medieval fantastic atmosphere!
▶ Kingdoms and Castles – Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where your kingdom depends on you to protect the castle! Tower Defense games have never been so great.
▶ Epic War! – Then go through over 100 challenging levels in an addicting strategic war! Defending the kingdom takes courage, show your enemies in castle games that no one can command an army better than you.

🟢Call upon all strategic tower defense strategies!

Use your archery skills as you lead a team of idle defense heroes, magic bow and more in # 1 castle defender!

-Offline Tower Defense–

A tower defense game full of fun, strategies, relaxation and challenge!
No matter you are a rookie or master of tower defense, Offline Tower Defense will bring you an extraordinary experience!

🟢A very interesting and addictive game, fight on the battlefield and win a battle against evil enemies.


🟢8 unique characters, Choose your hero! and Win.

🟢Unlock New levels and lands. A wide variety of levels.

The ability to upgrade Heroes. Pumping strength, damage.

Epic battles with amazing graphics!

If you are playing a strategy and cool game,
you won’t waste your time.
Offline Tower Defense brings back the original defensive game!
Victory is in your hands.

– You can create unique heroes and destroy enemies.
– You can improve heroes, base, skills, performance
and others with the gold you earn in the war.

Improvement, protection and magic

Offline Tower Defense is a tower defense strategy game that has tactics in every part of the game.
Upgrade your kingdom and army in different ways to create the best tactics. Defend your castle by summoning elves and royal troops to prevent monsters from touching your castle. Use ancient magic to help your troops become stronger, ancient spells and soul stones will help you win the most difficult battles.

★ train your brain. Try different ways of playing because these are logic puzzles.
★ Music, sounds, visuals and graphics are outstanding

The hero rescue gameplay will tell you this game!
Easy to operate. You can play very quickly with one hand. It is easy to start, but difficult to complete all of the hero puzzles. Just take the hero out of danger and you will be the winner.

The rich gameplay of Offline Tower Defense offers the player countless ways to progress through each level, including through a variety of tower upgrades and an advanced skill tree.
An outstanding embodiment of the Tower Defense genre for the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

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